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7 Home Remedies to Tackle Sensitive Skin

7 Home Remedies to Tackle Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin being prone to allergy and rashes is something very difficult to handle. Gentle and extra care is a must for such skin types.

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Stressing out on your problem is no solution for your trouble. All you need is a good way out of this. Some simple home remedies could help you fight with your skin type and get glowing skin.

Home Remedies:

  • Honey

               Honey is a friend of sensitive skin with its deep moisturizing and cleansing effect. Applying honey and yogurt on face as a mask soothes the skin. It also helps to maintain the oil proportion of the  skin.

  • Keep your body hydrated

              Drinking lots of  water everyday is a best alternative to stay away from all your skin problems.

  • Cleanse your body

             Coconut oil is a good remedy to cleanse the pores and thereby leaving a fresh look. Rinsing the area around eyes with oil lightens dark spots. Milk is another way to tone your body and face. Dipping some cotton balls in cold milk and applying them could help you get a toned face.

  • Scrub

          Instead of sticking to the chemicals, you could try scrubbing your face with sugar to drive the dead cells away. Use this twice in a week.

  • Potato

         Grated potato when mixed with yogurt/ rose water will give your sensitive skin a pleasant outlook. So include potato into your facemasks and get stunned with the look it gives you.

  • Aloe-Vera Gel

     If your skin is too sensitive then all you need is a pack of aloe-vera gel. It will help you get rid off the blemishes and rashes projecting on the skin.

  • Face Mask

      Face mask is something very needy for all sensitive skin. It cleanses your face and refreshing skin. Applying oatmeal, mango pulp or chocolate mask will be very helpful in refreshing your skin.

For better results, it is better to stick on to natural remedies or natural face packs.  

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