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12 proven tips against Headache

Ayurvedic practitioners believe that there are as many headaches as there are patients - no patient resembles the other, no deeper cause resembles the other.

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Everyone had them before: headaches! In Germany, about 60% of all people experience headache. This is the percentage of people who are at least temporarily under pressure, hammering, drilling and stabbing in their heads.

How many headaches are there?

Modern medicine speaks of over 200 different types of headaches. However, many Ayurvedic practitioners believe that there are as many headaches as there are patients - no patient resembles the other, no deeper cause resembles the other.

The cause is an imbalance

Surely you know that, according to Ayurveda, the three Doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - determine your life energy and your wellbeing. If these are in balance, you are healthy, full of energy and inner joy. It is natural and almost inevitable that during your normal life always an imbalance of the three Doshas arises. At the same time, Ama produces undigested metabolic residues, and we absorb environmental toxins with the diet.

Tension headache and migraine

The most common headache types are tension headache and migraine, and both have similar causes: stress factors in combination with Ama. Ayurveda can help you alleviate this.

12 Ayurvedic tips for headaches

1. Tension headaches always have a Vata disorder as the basis. To bring Vata back into its natural equilibrium, regularity is of the utmost importance. Sleep adequately and go so early to bed that you wake up before the alarm clock rings. And above all: sleep regularly at the same times.

2. Eat food as warm as possible, rather sweet, nutritious and easily digestible - and especially regularly!

3. Eat intermediate meals only if you feel genuine hunger and do not eat animal protein in the evening.

4. Try to reduce or completely avoid alcohol, nicotine, coffee and black tea.

5. Make enough breaks. If necessary, set up a timer on the desk to get up regularly every 60 minutes, and to use the small gymnastics or yoga exercises to balance the vata jammed by sitting and get out of the rut.

6. Make daily and regular at least a walk of about 20 to 30 minutes. Do not overdo, but go quickly.

7. Do you know Vata oil? Especially if you are traveling a lot, Vata oil is ideal.

8. A gentle massage of the temples and the muscles of the neck can be relieved and relieved with Vata oil, especially with tension headaches. To calm and divert Ama from the neck area, place a damp towel on the massaged area.

9. The head and throat muscles are often tense in headaches. Too much headwork make the muscles tense. Lie comfortably with a slightly elevated head and enjoy the benefits of ayurvedic herbal oil with mint as well as a moisturized cloth over it. A study has also shown that peppermint oil acts just as pain-relieving as aspirin.

10. Do you know Gandharva Veda? These ayurvedic sounds from nature have often caused astonishing effects and are popular with headache and migraine patients. The balancing melodies stimulate the flow of energy again and can help soothe the pain. In addition, Gandharva Veda animates the inner intelligence, cancer cells in their growth can slow and harmonize mind and body. For tension conditions we recommend the soothing "rain melody".

11. Migraine is caused not only by a Vata disturbance, here, above all, Pitta is out of balance. Nevertheless, all Vata-soothing measures help at least reduce the frequency and intensity. Pitta tea, Pitta churna and Pitta oil can sometimes soften the course. However, the real migraine can only be managed with additional Ayurveda herbal preparations, which are individually chosen by an experienced specialist.

12. One of the most effective measures against headaches and migraines is meditation.

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