Ayurkendra Herbal Village

Ayurkendra Herbal Village Manjalamkolli, Puthoorvayal P.O., Kalpetta
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Specialized treatments offered at Ayurkendra Herbal Village

Weight Management | Rejuvenation Therapy | Corporate Wellness Treatment | Old Age Treatment Program |

Other treatments offered at Ayurkendra Herbal Village

Lower Back Pain | Osteoarthritis | Cervical Spondylosis | Slipped Disc | Rheumatism | Intervertebral Disc Prolapse Ivdp | Diseases Of Joints | Cholestrol | Obesity | High Blood Pressure | Stress | Insomnia | Headache | Depression | Eye Strain | Numbness On Head | Nerve Disorders | Stress Management | Fat Reduction | Relaxation | Reducing Body Weight | Eye Relaxation | Skin Complexion | Improves Skin Tone | Youthfulness | Reduce Stress | Anti- Ageing | Cooling Effect To Eye | Migraine | Infertility | Gynecological Disorder |
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  • Car Parking
  • Wifi
  • Yoga And Meditation
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About Ayurkendra Herbal Village

Ayurkendra Herbal Village, headed by Babu Vaidyar is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment centre where the ancient wisdom meets the modern comfort without compromising on quality of ancient Ayurveda practices. Ayurkendra is located on a vast coffee plantation and has more than hundred medicinal plants and various types of Banyan trees.

How to reach

Land Mark

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Nearest railway station is at Calicut(72KM). Cabs and Prepaid Auto rickshaw are available.

Nearest airport is at Calicut(78KM). Cabs are available. Pickup and drop off facility is provided by the treatment centre on demand.

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