Winter Asthma attacks? Ayurveda gives you the Best Results

Sudden climatic changes and pollution adds to the severity of respiratory diseases. Asthma is one such where the allergens cause much tension during winters. Effective and permanent cure for asthma is available through the holistic healing method of Ayurveda.

The cold climates in countries like Russia, US, Germany and Canada make it difficult to cope with asthma during winters. As a result patients find it better and convenient to undergo treatments in Ayurvedic centers in Kerala.
Pranav had been a victim of asthma since childhood. He was tormented by the busy life of a metro city. The regular asthma attacks worried his parents. He had to completely depend on nebulizers and inhalers for immediate relief. He was physically weak using the medicines too often. Finally under the recommendation of a friend, Pranav was taken to an ayurvedic hospital in Kerala. He had an attack on the same day but gradually things went normal. He took medicines for around 3-6 months and it really worked. Now Pranav is happy with his recovery and is leading a happy life.

Ayurveda enables people to have a self-reliant attitude to take control over the body. Treatment protocols which includes a set of “Panchakarma” techniques like Nasyam, Kizhi and massage of body with medicated oil gives really good results by releasing mucus accumulated within the body.
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