Symptoms of Arthritis or Joint Pain, Get Cure through Ayurveda

Alice, 65 year old retired teacher living in upstate New York, had been a victim of severe Arthritis for over 10 years. She had undertaken numerous medications but the effects were momentary at best. The miserable part was that she started falling into depression due to her ever worsening condition. When a friend recommended her an effective treatment for arthritis, offered in a reputed Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala, she decided to fly down to India. She undertook the 5 week treatment. Not only her problems with joints were gone, she was mentally revitalized and got back to normal life. Alice is now living happy at her home.
Arthritis is a common ailment visible in elderly people. In ayurvedic terms arthritis or “Amavata”, emerges due to the accumulation of ama (toxic by-product of improper digestion) and aggravation of vata in joints. The wear and tear of joints along with factors relating age, vascular insufficiency, previous disease or injury, or hereditary and congenital features creates imbalance in the constituents of body (tridoshas-vata, pitta, kapha). Ayurveda with its holistic approach detoxifies ama from the body through certain procedures like Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi or Choorna-kizhi (the techniques of applying warm medicated oil on patient’s body to enhance soothened flow of energies to release toxins). The treatments offered, in short, reduces the stiffness of joints with the “digestive fire” applied through medicines (where ama is burnt with fire). The imbalance of tridoshas in the body is well treated and is made balanced. Therefore the inflammation or swelling of the affected part is restored back to normal through the elimination of dosha.


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