Natural Remedies for Back Pain in Ayurveda and Marma Therapy

People of all generations complain of back pain in varying degree depending on the conditions at workplace, or on the degree of stress on spinal cord due to daily routines, old age or even pregnancy. In this current scenario most sufferers are aware that most conventional treatments fail to give a perfect remedy for pain and is highly dependant on alternate, holistic ways of permanent healing.
Anand, an industrialist from Mangalore, India suffered from back pain for years and had tried several treatments; but nothing succeeded. His constant search for a remedy ended in Kerala. He found about marma treatment on web. After consultation with an experienced practitioner, Anand decided to get the treatment as it offered assured result within 14 days. The healing process was so effective that he was relieved of the pain shortly.

Marma and Ayurveda treatment provide safe measures of treatments with no harmful side-effects. The systematic approach of healing is done with natural medicines and medicated herbal oils. These medicines, in short-term bring the three doshas (or bodily humors that make up one's constitution, according to Ayurveda namely kapha, vata and pitta) constituted in the body to a state of equilibrium or balance. Deformities or irregularities within the body are cleared out with therapies including oil massage and application of pressure, leaving the body stable and strong.
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