IT Engineers and Desk Jockeys - Treat your back pain before it gets worse

People opting for white collar jobs find it difficult to escape from the health problems accompanying it. Sitting continuously on your desk for hours and working in rotational shifts can affect your health badly. Take any issue such as pain seriously. Else you may have to pay dear later.

Rose has been working in a reputed software development firm for four years. She has a hectic work schedule, during which she spent hours sitting continuously at her desk. It wasn’t long before she started getting severe back pain. To alleviate the pain she took all kinds of instant remedies that promised instant relief. At the best they gave her relief for only few hours and her pain worsened day-by-day. Rose was deeply in need of a solution for her crisis.
Unsatisfied with her ineffective medical treatments, Rose started doing online research about alternative medicines and came across ‘marma chikilsa’ or ‘marma therapy’. The treatment constituted massage with medicated oils on the major vital points of spine for about 14 days. Convinced that the treatment, which did not require intake of any medicines, promised her a permanent and side-effect free solution to her problems, Rose decided to try it. Rose is now free from back pain.
As with Rose, back pain is a common problem every desk jockey faces. The strenuous effort of sitting in front of computer, for hours, without relaxation, causes back pain. In the same way, our diet and our daily activities (or rather the lack of it) also increase the chances of having back pain. Usually professionals go for instant pain relieving methods or treatments which do not offer permanent cure. However, a holistic treatment method such as marma therapy is the best way for a permanent cure. In a marma therapy, which focuses on avoiding obstructions which restrict the flow of energies creating imbalance in the body, a therapist exerts pressure on vital parts (or marmas) of the body, easing the flow of energy, and thereby pain.
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