Holistic Healing of Back Pain through Marma Treatment

It could be your work posture, strenuous workouts , wrong way of lifting up things or anything that finally gets you into trouble. Any kind of strain or pressure on spinal cord can result in back pain. People undertakes different treatments and finds it difficult to get permanent relief. In such cases the best option to choose are holistic methods -- ayurveda and marma treatment
Dr. Binu Varghese, the Director of the Physical education,school of physical education and sports science, Mahatma Gandhi University had been suffering from severe back pain for years. He had gone for several medications including physiotherapy but nothing paid well. Then he took the chance to undergo marma treatment in one of the reputed “kalaris”. The treatment took around two weeks and had immediate results on him.He was able to do his normal activities without strain.
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Marma treatment is one among the most reliable way of curing back pain. This treatment shares a close connection with the martial art “Kalarippayattu”- as both focus on marma (vital points) on the body. According to ancient kalari system there exists 108 marma points in a normal human body. The deformities on this point is relaxed with the medicated oil massage. Another unique feature of marma treatment is the absence of internal intake of any medicines. The treatment is purely done externally concentrating only on body. The process in further helps in inducing the pain and providing rejuvenation to the body and mind.
*image courtesy: aitheinhealing.com