Efficient curing of Asthma through Ayurveda

In Ayurvedic terms Asthma stands for “Shwas-rog” that affects the respiratory system. Asthma can be the result of the imbalance in “dosha” constituting kapha, vaata and pitta. “Conventional treatment of asthma gives recovery from symptoms but not cure from the actual cause of the disease. It is like removing weed just from the surface of the soil without removing the roots that are deep inside. The causes can vary for people according to age, genetics or geography. Identification of the root cause is the initial strategy taken in all ayurvedic treatments. As a result, however, Ayurvedic treatment takes time and doesn’t provide instant results”.

Ayurvedic medicines possess the legacy of curing chronic and acute asthma effectively. The medicines applied are purely herbal causing no side effects . The best assured treatments are offered in Superbeing.
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*image courtesy: medcenterblog.uvmhealth.org