Cancer recovery after Chemo-therapy : Ayurvedic way to energize and strengthen your body!

Although devoid of side effects, Ayurveda is yet to gain popularity as a mainstream practice of medicine. That is why, many a times, we often depend on allopathic treatments for diseases. This is particularly true in the case of chronic diseases like cancer, heart attack etc.

However, the bitter truth is that, most often, Ayurveda has an answer for almost all the conditions in the human body.
The major difference between Ayurveda and other treatments is that instead of just focusing on temporary relief from the disease, Ayurvedic treatment aims at uprooting the illness completely. This is often a slow process and requires changes in lifestyle as well. This is one of the main reasons why Ayurveda is still considered as an alternate medicinal practice.
One of the main advantages of Ayurveda is the fact that it has absolutely no side effects and higher efficacy rates. Most of the allopathic treatments have side effects and like an unavoidable evil it follows after every treatment. Ayurveda can be used as a healthy practice to diminish these side effects and to help the body regain its immunity and strength. 
One of the most popular and effective cancer treatments in allopathic practices is chemotherapy. However, the process brings a few changes in the body of the patients. In the course of chemotherapy countless toxins are generated in the patient’s body. Due to lowered immunity and body strength, it will be difficult for the body to automatically dispose these wastes. The same is true for other severe allopathic treatments like heart transplants, and other chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis etc. Ayurveda offers a helping hand to these patients by helping their bodies to regain their strength.
There are several treatments available in Ayurveda that can help in rejuvenating the body. Ayurvedic treatments support detoxification, rebuild immunity, lessen stress and also aid in speeding up the recovery process. These treatments involve both external and internal intake of medicines and provide several benefits like maintaining appropriate blood cell count.
It cleanses off the body and removes the toxins from the allopathic treatments. 
For some conditions Ayurveda can also be used prior to the allopathic treatments. For instance, before surgeries, chemotherapies and radiotherapies, the body can be prepared using Ayurveda to counteract the side effects of these treatments. Some of the most effective external Ayurvedic treatments include massage, yoga and meditation. These herbal treatments help the patients to relax, increase circulation and reduce stress induced by these allopathic treatments. 
Apart from all these, Ayurveda also recommends dietary regulations for the patients depending on the condition of the body. Ayurveda treatment is a holistic approach which includes a complete change in dietary habits and daily routines. A lot many people believe that Ayurvedic treatment only includes body massages using medicated oils and herbs. In truth, massage is only one of the many methods used in Ayurveda. Depending on the patient and the condition of the body, the treatments, the medicines and even the durations vary. 
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