Ayurvedic Ways to Manage Sciatic Pain

When it comes to health issues, there is a ton of research available. But the real problem lies in the inability to find the exact solution.

Sciatica is a state of body where pain originates from sciatic nerve and gradually advance into other regions. In reality, sciatica is not an ailment but is a set of symptoms associated with inflammation. The effect of sciatica differs on each person depending on the causative factors and health condition of the patient. The resulting pain varies from mild ones to sharp ones with acute aching, burning sensation or numbness. Normally the pain that originates in the sciatic nerve travels down the back of the thigh and moves into legs. It could also accompany low back pain affecting either side of the body.
Sciatica also called “Gridhrasi” in Ayurvedic terms, affects the movement of limbs. The gait or limbs of the affected person get slight alteration and the nerves resemble eagle’s walk. Intense pain in legs could restrict daily physical activities as an aftermath of sciatica. This neuromuscular disorder arises with the imbalance in vata (one among the constituents of body according to Ayurveda- Kapha,pitta and vata) types and the pain starting at the hip area radiates to thigh, back, popliteal area, calf and foot causing pricking sensation and rare stiffness.
Ayurveda has remedies for all problems relating to spine and joints that has been practiced efficiently for long. The treatments are done to address the root cause of the issue and the treatments are done in accordance with the severity of the ailment.

Ayurvedic Treatment options for Sciatica:
  • Snehana or oleation therapy :- applying oil on affected areas.
  • Swedana or sudation :- tub bath, body massage, sweating with oil added medicated herbal pastes.
  • Upanaha Swedana :- application of poultice.
  • Mridu Samshodhana or Virechana :- mild purgation.
  • Basti :- medicated enema.
  • Shamanam :- pacification therapy.
  • Sodhanam :- elimination of toxins accumulated as a byproduct of digestion, metabolism and disease process.
  • Rasayana or rejuvenation therapy.
*image courtesy: lillypt.com