Ayurvedic way of Curing Back Pain

Back pain is something people often complain about, but neglect considering it as trivial. With the spine supporting the whole body, negligence of back pain can badly affect health.

There are several reasons for back pain. It could include ageing, activities like improper bending, lifting of heavy objects, strenuous training activities in gym, sports injuries or accidents. Only a trained practitioner can clearly identify the cause of pain. In the long term conventional medication may get you temporary relief but not a permanent solution for your back pain.
Modern medicine has its limits in curing back pain. It is usual for doctors to prescribe pain killers, which only offer temporary relief. Alternatively, Ayurveda with its emphasis on treating the cause of pain rather than relieving the symptoms of the pain offers good results. Moreover Ayurvedic treatment helps in overall rejuvenation of your body and mind.
The major ayurvedic remedies for back pain are:
  • Abhyanga (oil massage)
  • Swedana (steam therapy)
  • Vasti (introduction of medicated liquids into rectum)
  • Kati vasti (pouring warm medicated oil to nourishing ligaments and tendons relieving pain)
These treatments are generally accompanied by the intake of medicines.

*image courtesy: www.webmd.com