Ayurveda Treatment for Back Pain during Pregnancy

Back pain is something that concerns every woman during pregnancy or even after delivery. Hormones like ‘relaxin and estrogen’ stimulates back pain. Gaining weight is another reason inducing back pain. Pain generally strikes during seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and in certain cases it could also begin from the initial months.
Intensity of pain varies from mild to severe. Since it is inadvisable to undergo any conventional treatments at the time of pregnancy, most pregnant women neglect their pain. But still there is an answer for every question. Remember the times when no allopathic medicine were available, and the only available treatment ayurveda could resolve all your issues relating pregnancy.
Ayurveda, the ancient science has the key to all your problems. Pregnancy is a careful period where medicines can have all kind of side effects . Ayurveda offers external and internal medication, which in no way harm the mother or the foetus in the womb. Traditional practices of oil massage along with consumption of “lehya” relieves the pain easily. Ayurveda also recommends precautionary meditation and yoga postures for pregnant women. Undergoing Panchakarma Treatment after delivery can help in reducing the pain to great extent.
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