Ayurveda recommends these 5 things for controlling PMS

PMS is a common discomfort troubling women. According to Ayurveda PMS is caused by accumulation of toxins (ama) which blocks the overall circulation of the body (Shrotas).

Ayurveda recommends, before and during the days of your menstrual cycle to strictly follow some of the procedures mentioned below


  1. Drink warm water early morning, right after you wake up.

  2. Sip ginger tea throughout the day-  Make this tea with fresh ginger root, fennel seeds, licorice and cumin powder.

  3. Avoid salt, sugar and fermented foods from your diet.

  4. Chew a tablespoon each of sesame seeds and organic raisins to improve elimination.

  5. Do strict regular meditation to reduce mental agitation that often comes with this condition.

Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma treatments like abhyanga, pranayama etc to improve circulation and oxygen flow of the body. But it is recommended that these treatments should be performed under strict guidance of an expert practitioner.

Image courtesy: theonethaimassage.co.uk